Tear Tech

Biosensor for tear assessment

We’re addressing the global problem of dry eye syndrome, which affects 350 million people worldwide  and leads to vision issues and even blindness. 


Our solution is a cutting-edge biosensor that offers fast, non-invasive tear evaluation and also personalizes treatment, making it a game-changer in ophthalmology and in several medical specialties in general. We have a functional prototype (Technology Readiness Level of 5), a positive patentability study, and congress presentations. 

Innovation and Passion

Empowering Lives Through Advanced Solutions for Dry Eye Syndrome

Together, we’ve taken on the challenge of providing an original, non-invasive, and reproducible solution for tear evaluation using Quartz Crystal Microbalance technology. In summary, what makes our team awesome is our fusion of skills, experience, and passion to make a significant impact on the global healthcare landscape. We are not just building a startup…we are building a solution to a pressing health issue, and our team is the key to our success.


ARVO 2010-2022, AIVO 2017-2023, SABI 2015-2023


National and international ophthalmologists, 2019.


Argentine Council of Ophthalmology (CAO), 2019.


Dr. Eyal Bressler & Co (Israel), 2019.

Our projects

FUNDING: 2019–2022

Development of a Surface-Acoustic-Wave-Based Biosensor for the Ocular Health Evaluation. Amount: $4,710. UNER, Argentina.

FUNDING: 2019-2022

Biosensor for tear assessment. Amount: $31,500. ANPCyT, Argentina.

FUNDING: 2018–2021

Development of Design, Modelling and Prototyping Techniques for Medical Devices. Amount: $4,900. UNER, Argentina.

FUNDING: 2015–2017

Development of Piezoelectric Biosensor for Disease Diagnosis. Amount $7,455. UNER, Argentina.

FUNDING: 2014–2016

Design, simulation, fabrication and characterization of an implantable protein biosensor, integrable to microvalve for the treatment of glaucoma. Amount $8,000. ANPCyT, Argentina.


Framed in the tender Programa de I+D+i to the project: Development of a non-invasive Blood Glucose Meter. Total amount $12,380.

Immediate market!


Fast, non-invasive tear evaluation and personalized treatment

Healthcare sector

Clinicians, gerontologists, rheumatologists, endocrinologists, neurologists, and psychiatrists.



4.8 M
North Americans > 50 yrs have dry eyes.

340 M
People suffer from some kind of dry eye syndrome  worldwide

4.9 B in 2021 – 6.9 B in 2026



We need

We are currently in a strong position to engage in corporate partnerships. With a functional prototype and a clear understanding of our market and value proposition, we believe we are ready to explore collaboration opportunities with corporate partners. Our team is prepared to discuss and tailor partnership arrangements to create mutual benefits and drive innovation in our sector. We are open to discussions and are flexible in adapting to the specific needs and objectives of potential corporate partners

Simple Tear Sample

The Team

Our Experts

Martín Zalazar

Scientific development
Regulatory issues
Clinical trials

Gabriel Muñoz

Scientific development
Clinical trials

Rodrigo Torres

Dr. Ophthalmologist
Scientific development
Clinical trials

Juan Reta

Mg. Bioengineer
Regulatory issues


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Frequently Asked Questions

The foundation of our technological solution lies in Quartz Crystal Microbalance (QCM) technology. At its core, QCM utilizes the precise oscillation frequency of a thin quartz crystal to detect and quantify minute changes in mass on its surface. This sensitivity is harnessed across various applications within the medical field.

In our specific context, we leverage QCM to develop a non-invasive and reproducible solution for tear evaluation. By functionalizing the quartz surface with biologically active molecules, our device can accurately analyze tear composition. This not only aids in the diagnosis and management of ocular health conditions, such as Dry Eye Syndrome, but also showcases the broader potential of QCM in advancing medical diagnostics and monitoring tools.

The inherent versatility of QCM forms the cornerstone of our technological innovation, promising precision, and effectiveness in addressing pressing healthcare challenges.

Our team, comprised of visionary ophthalmologists and bioengineers, brings a wealth of experience to our innovative biosensor technology. With a deep understanding of both clinical and technological facets of ocular health, we have a strong background in biosensors and diagnostics. This expertise ensures that our solution, centered on Quartz Crystal Microbalance technology, is at the forefront of innovation. Beyond individual skill sets, our team’s dedication is rooted in a shared mission to improve the lives of millions affected by Dry Eye Syndrome. Our collective commitment has driven us to develop an original, non-invasive, and reproducible solution, marking a significant contribution to ocular health management across medical specialties. As we tackle this pressing health issue, our team stands as the key to our success, embodying a fusion of skills, experience, and unwavering passion.

The target market for the commercialization of this product will be healthcare professionals, including nurses and physicians from various specialties such as clinicians, gerontologists, rheumatologists, endocrinologists, neurologists, psychiatrists, as well as ophthalmologists, vision science support staff, and companies in the ophthalmic sector. In other words, not only ophthalmologists but the entire healthcare sector is a potential market for this product. Regardless of a subsequent consultation with an ophthalmologist, this device will be useful for an endocrinologist wanting to assess tear status and its potential alteration in thyroid and diabetes pathologies, as well as for a rheumatologist needing to determine if a collagenopathy is affecting the tear layer. The same applies to a gerontologist, neurologist, or psychiatrist.

CAGR 5.6 %
CPT 83861: US$ 22.48/eye
Return on Investment: 500 studies

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Choose our company because we offer cutting-edge technology at a competitive price (CPT 83861: US$ 22.48/eye). With a quick return on investment after just 500 studies, our solution is not only innovative but economically viable. Additionally, our team, consisting of visionary ophthalmologists and bioengineers, brings a wealth of expertise to revolutionize ocular health. We stand out for our commitment to addressing global health issues, as evident in our original, non-invasive, and reproducible solution for tear evaluation using Quartz Crystal Microbalance technology. Ultimately, we are not just building a startup; we are providing a valuable solution to a pressing health concern, and our team is the key to our success